Bizcipleship is a cohort of leaders who are not just discussing the theology of business but integrating being a disciple and being in business. We believe God is pro-business, passionate about work and excited about solving world problems through products and services. The bigger opportunity, however, is businesses that integrate disciple-making into core business processes. It is time for a future-focused, no-nonsense, Spirit-empowered cohort to spur each other on to be practical world changers.

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Kingdom Couples Cohort - About This Experience

The Kingdom Couples cohort of this Bizcipleship group will focuses on wives and husbands working together to make a difference in the world. Participating couples don’t need to be part of the same organization, per se, but just have the intent of co-laboring as partners in life and work.

The Bizcipleship cohort will meet for one hour every second Tuesday for 10 months of the year. Live sessions will be facilitated by Brett & Lyn Johnson as we learn from each other.

2021 Participants said...

It has been an awesome journey….

Grateful to Brett and Lyn for being a blessing! Also thankful to all who have blessed us with their stories, life and experiences all through Journey.

We have learnt so much and appreciate the many years of prayer and revelation that you have shared so generously.

Thanks Brett and Lyn for your energy and for putting this together for all our benefit.

Drill-down on Topics

  • Collaborating on business decisions (when you are not both employed at the company). 
  • Knowing your voice, speaking on time
  • Hearing God differently, together
  • Share/stock ownership for families
  • Intentional choices that build margin
  • Becoming each other's cheerleader
  • Hospitality: the secret glue for Convergence
  • The empty chair: protecting the space for your spouse
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Make it Real

How do you, as a couple, work out the practicalities of being in God's business within your workplace? How do we navigate the nuances of wives and husbands co-laboring for optimal impact?

Connect with Like-hearted Kingdom Couples

Connect with a faith-based network of like-minded couples to pray, brainstorm and share testimonies and encouragement.

Access To Tools, Courses And Bonus Material

Get first access to the latest books, devotionals and online classes in live sessions with Brett & Lyn Johnson.

Bizcipleship for Kingdom Couples

Starting 26 September 2023 -  July 2024

20 LIVE sessions | Every second Tuesday

12:00 - 12:59 PM EST

Timely inspiration, biblical thought leadership, life-changing tools, & amazing community. You can elect to make a monthly or annual payment.

If you are in a developing nation and would like help with the costs,
please contact Brett for possible scholarship assistance.

Monthly Fee - $250 per couple for 10 months
Once-Off Fee - $2000 per couple

What Will You Enjoy?

  •  A community for prayer and mutual encouragement
  •  20 LIVE connection calls with Brett & Lyn Johnson and your cohort every second week
  •  Early access to new books, blogs and devotionals
  •  Insights from guest speakers
  •  Encouraging testimonies, opportunities and networking 
  •  Access to reference materials, tools, and other resources
  • 12-months access to our online Bizcipleship Community platform
  • Bizcipleship members will also receive discounts on Transforming Society, Kingdom Economics and other online classes.
  •  And, our intercessors will be praying for you by name.