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Repurposing Business - Transforming Society

Let me help you have a high-impact business through years of experience, study and insight. 

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I have been in the marketplace for a generation and have been described as a thought leader, vision-caster, culture-shaper, innovator, implementer, capitalizer, pioneer and establisher.

I have worked with 400+ companies around the world to discover a Purpose that is bigger than the bottom line.

An author of many books, all focused at addressing challenges in life or society, I am a student of leadership, capital, societal transformation and work-life integration.


Repurposing leaders and corporations to help them discover and walk out personal and corporate callings so that they can positively impact their worlds.



With four decades of experience, Brett Johnson is able to impact your personal work-life integration, organizational purpose, your impact and holistic capitalization.


Over 40 years of experience working with leading organizations in business, government, education and social sectors. 


Beyond best practices and conventional wisdom, Brett has a deep insight into both foundational principles and future trends, which gives a "what the world will look like" perspective.


40 years of tested frameworks that connect the clouds to the ground  with a fusion of strategy and practical application. 

Available Courses

Below are some of the courses you can take online. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Transforming Society Training

This dynamic learning experience with people from around the world who are passionate about improving the world around them is based on the 2nd Edition of Transforming Society: a framework for fixing a broken world. Come and learn with a group of likeminded people who may well become fellow world changers.


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The LEMON for Lovers Online Bundle

Rather than allow your primary relationships to 'just get by', this online course is an enriching way to gain a fresh understanding of yourself, and others. Based on your LEMON for lovers profile, you will gain understanding and appreciation for your life partner.

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The LEMON Leadership Online Assessment

Identify which type of leader you are and discover how to apply your specific characteristics within your organization. Understanding these leadership types will uncover keys to dealing with yourself and others in situations calling for different types of leaders.

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LEMON Accreditation

Apply to become an Accredited LEMON Leadership Facilitator able to speak at conferences, conduct workshops, manage group assessments and consult to clients.

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Apart from the bespoke consulting service and Repurposing Business Training, here are four ways you can connect with Brett. Click the links for more on each service.


Each of Brett's books tackles a "giant" (societal challenge). Are you fighting giants?

Click here to order Brett's books online today. 


A one-hour conversation, and a few great questions can change the trajectory of your career or business. 

Click here to schedule a call with Brett.


A business aligned with a clear Purpose has impact, as does a Career & Calling.

Click here to assess your business, career and calling reality today.



Get accredited in LEMON Leadership, Repurposing Business, Convergence and Transforming Society. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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"I'm constantly looking to educate myself and improve my performance and the performance of my companies. The rēp executive training gave me breakthroughs in my business that I was striving to achieve for years. Since I attended the rēp executive training my focus, impact and measurable results significantly increased. I started several new businesses, and revamped my old business."

Pieter Jordaan

"The rēp intensive is like a reboot. It provides deep insight across a wide range of important areas in relation to business and life. Through gentle persuasion, it confronts you with the imperative to completely reform the way you live and work but the great thing is that it also gives you the tools with which to do it."

Rele Adesina
Commissioner, Economic Planning & Budget, Nigeria

"I felt my thinking was given a reboot! My understanding of how to pursue purposeful business within the Kingdom of God was upgraded to a new level. Brett and Lyn delivered a well-paced, stimulating, and very thorough programme. The balance between delivery of excellent material and interaction within the group was just right. The content was superbly organised down to details, but it never felt dry or mechanical. Brett’s material clearly reflects decades of in-depth thinking, and I came away with a satisfied feeling that this investment of a week has been a hugely beneficial input to our business."

John Manwell
COO, LivFul, UK

"The Repurposing Business course was unlike any skills development I’ve done. There are many trainings out there giving formulas for starting and running a business, but rare is the one that speaks to the values and purpose behind our work. As a Christian believer, I was deeply impressed by the vision God has for us to pursue and glorify His Kingdom through business. This course will radically change your perspective on business and God’s purposes behind it."

Alex Densmore
CTO, BattCo, South Africa


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