The Repurposing Business Podcast

Hosted by Brett & Lyn Johnson, this podcast is designed to encourage faith-based business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to get their business into God's business, and to the nations.

Let My Business Go!

"Let my business go..." is an overall theme for the podcast. I feel it can be spoken from many perspectives. God saying, "Let my business go" the church, the world, the devil. "Business is mine... I want it back."

It can be spoken to the business leader, "Let my business go." Your business is not yours, it is Mine. Release it to my hands. Release it to my purposes. Release it from the current constraints. Release it to be for the kingdom, not for your kingdom, etc.

The business leader saying, "Let my business go" as a prayer: let it go from the economic woes, the recession, the whatever, AND... "let my business go" to the nations, to the poor, to the needy... a "here I am, send us" prayer."

- Brett Johnson

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This ebook contains some relevant thoughts for the times we find ourselves in, both in America and across the globe. You can download this by clicking the button below.

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Season 1: r─ôStart

50 principles for restarting your life, business or organization based on the experiences of Moses and the Israelites and their exodus from Egypt.

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Season 2: Let My Business Go!

A podcast encouraging faith-based business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to get their business into God's business, and to the nations.

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Season 3: Relationships

This season we are talking about relationships in the midst of uncertainties in the world. How do we remain connected meaningfully and how do we make ourselves available for connection? 

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Season 4: #MonthofMiracles

In this short podcast season we started to talk about an array of miracles witnessed in the marketplace. Pulled from the X-Ordinary book which can be purchased on Amazon. 

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Season 5: When Capital Meets Eternity

When Capital meets Eternity is a 28-week series that explores numerous  topics with the touchpoint of eternity. In addition to the introductory week,  the topics we will explore with leaders from around the globe span history  to practical categories of investing. Capital is a global issue and is best  viewed through the eyes of people from many tongues, tribes and nations. 

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In the season 2 podcast episode titled, 'Survival to Revival'  Brett talks about a FREE resource called Ashes to Assets, an Ebook. Get your copy by clicking the button below. 

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A one-hour conversation, and a few great questions can change the trajectory of your career or business.

With over 40 years of experience, Brett has worked with leading public accounting and management consulting firms, helping corporations from global multi-nationals through to business start-ups and social sector organizations.


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