Kingdom Economics

Scripture outlines economic principles that are sometimes different from the systems in the world... but few know and practice "kingdom economics." This class will renew your thinking, build your faith, stretch your imagination, and encourage practical application.


Benefits Of The Class

Connect the dots

Align your thinking with timeless truths regarding economic systems, money, capital. Consider how capital can be used for kingdom purposes.

Connect With Kingdom-minded Capitalizers

Connect with a faith-based network of like-minded people about faith-based financing, economics and Kingdom capital management -- viewing capital as broader than money/finance.

Access To Tools, Training And Bonus Material

Get access to the latest books, devotionals and thinking tools in sessions with Brett Johnson and others from around the world who are considering God's purposes for capital. 

What Will You Get?

  • Soft copy of the Kingdom Economics book plus additional resources  
  • 10 video teaching sessions
  • Downloadable applied learning worksheets
  • Opportunities to connect with others around the globe
  • A global perspective on finances and Kingdom
  • Confidence in managing your finances and capital with a Kingdom perspective  

Class Feedback 

"I loved the material. It was a place of peace and pondering each week, the Scriptures coming vividly alive in new ways, making me want to read much more. I'm eager to stay in conversation with the rēp Community; it's very life-giving." CT

"I especially appreciated not only the content but the inbuilt positive provocation which spurs me onward." NH

"What I enjoyed and found valuable was the Worksheets, the Repurposing Capital book and book recommendations we received... These were helpful because I was still able to know what was happening in class even when situations didn't allow me to be present." SE

"I absolutely feel this material is transforming society's foundations! Key understandings from decades of study and life consolidated into sweet gems of wisdom! What a privilege to have such generous leaders sharing wisdom and allowing us to stand on their shoulders." TG

Interested in a LIVE class?

This dynamic learning experience with people from around the world who are learning how to integrate Kingdom Economics principles into everyday life and work.  


DEVELOPED Nations Price:

$280p/m for 3 months  OR   $777 Once-Off

DEVELOPING Nations Price:

$140p/m for 3 months   OR   $389 Once-Off


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I'm Interested

Looking to gather a group to complete the Kingdom Economics Class?  

Learning collaboratively enhances the experience, so gather your friends, colleagues, or peers, and engage in the self-study content collectively, leveraging the provided resources to ignite meaningful discussions.

If you have a group of 10 or more interested in completing the training together, kindly reach out to us at [email protected] for pricing details.

For groups with fewer than 10 members, please ensure each individual signs up for the self-study class. 

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