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Thanks for your interest in including LEMON Leadership® in your professional offerings. We would like to make your participation as meaningful as possible. Become an Accredited LEMON Leadership Facilitator and you will be able to offer "radically fresh leadership" to your clients.

This book is a masterpiece. It should become a classic of global leadership literature.
- John Iain Muir


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LEMON Leadership will equip and empower you to bring the unique truths of LEMON Leadership to your clients, small and large. Embark on this 8-module class with colleagues on a journey to form a cadré of skilled facilitators.

This annual licensing fee is $1,500 which can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

There is an application fee of $100 which, if successful, is applied to your first year's license. 

Facilitators receive "credit" for LEMON Assessments which helps offset the annual licensing fee. 

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Suzanne Lee

Voice of the Customer Manager, CISO

"Refreshing and highly innovative approach with a practical individual and team application. For teams, this becomes a practical way to see what role types are missing. And for decision-making and strategy, this becomes critical - especially in tackling innovation and agility across the organisation. Thanks for providing the most direct approach I've seen to providing team and individual insights more quickly and clearly - enabling us to apply immediately."

Graham Power

Chairman, The Power Group of Companies

"The senior leadership of the Power Group of Companies had the privilege of reading LEMON Leadership and then spending a day with Brett Johnson. We gained such incredible insights and understanding of the diversity and strength of each member of our dynamic team. Brett's teaching has been a HUGE help as we've grown towards the realisation of our 100-year dream. I frequently recommend the book to friends and colleagues in business. It is truly worthwhile reading!"