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With LEMON Leadership we talk about TYPES of leaders, not styles or personalities. Knowing your leadership type can radically change the way you do and see work, business and life. This applies equally to starting a business or new venture.

Different LEMONs will approach entrepreneurship differently. With LEMONpreneur we explore the best ways for you to be the unique entrepreneur that you are.

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 5 Leadership Myths BUSTED!

If you believe leaders are only the ones who stand up giving keynote speeches, are at the top of the food chain and delegate to others, then you're only half right... which is wrong! 

Everyone is a leader, but in their own unique way. Crucially, there are more than two types of leaders.


There's A Sixth Myth:

"To start a business you must be an Entrepreneur."

Research by The Institute shows fewer than 12% of people are "first-slice Entrepreneurs."  The world badly needs each of use to be on our best entrepreneurial journey, so we must figure out how each of the LEMONs approach creating, building, selling and running things. 


Every type of leader has a different entrepreneurial approach

LEMONpreneur will help you discover your best approach based on your LEMON profile. In case you thought you weren't a leader or an entrepreneur, we are here to let you know that everybody has a little entrepreneur in them, and everyone is a leader. 

It boils down to discovering your leadership type and your best approach to entrepreneurship! 

We have found that the constructs of LEMON Leadership have helped entrepreneurs differentiate between what is a startup issue, and what simply stems from "this is how I am wired." 

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