Transforming Society Training

It's one thing to impact your society in a small way, but what might it look like to be part of transforming the whole society in a great way? This class is designed to equip and empower world changers.

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About This Course

Transforming Society Training is a 20-week, online course that unpacks Brett Johnson’s book Transforming Society: A framework for fixing a broken world.

This cohort-based training will connect you with a global network of likeminded people with whom you will grapple and begin to apply the many tools and methods Brett introduces.

You will leave the course better equipped and more confident in how to approach transformation in your own sphere of influence.

Discover The Influence You Have

You have more influence than you know. Discover your radius of influence so you can shift things for the better!

Connect With A Global Network

Connect with a global network of like-minded people to grapple with and apply the tools you need to transform your society. 

Get Equipped To Transform Your Society

Sparking a passion, providing frameworks and motivating positive participation with God in his work in the world today. 

What Will You Get?

  • 15 lessons [4-5 hours per week of study] with your cohort
  • 5 monthly calls with your cohort and Brett Johnson
  • 15 podcasts with leaders from around the world
  • Practical assessment tools
  • Case studies
  • Group learning experience with your cohort, peer reviews with other cohorts
  • A global perspective on what God is doing in the world.
  • Opportunities to impact society greatly
  • This course is a pre-requisite to a Transforming Society field trip

We recommend you complete the rēp 100: Keys to Kingdom Business class before you take this class, or shortly after you start.

Interested In Joining The Training?

The Transforming Society class will change the dynamic of your work place and the way you do business in the different sectors of society. Sign up today to become equipped in all you need to transform the society you're in!

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Recommendations For

The Transforming Society Book 

When I gave my life to Christ I gave it all—I gave myself, my family and my business. God’s plan is to renew every part of life; moreover God deserves to be glorified in every sphere of life. Brett Johnson’s Transforming Society is an incredible tool that will help you to honour Christ with everything you are and all you have. It is filled with Godly revelation, balanced with substantial research, and capped-off with practical and useful tools and insights. I highly recommend it! 

— Graham Power, Chairman of the Power Group. Founder of the Global Day of Prayer and Unashamedly Ethical movements. Author of ‘Not by might nor by Power—the account of the Global Day of Prayer’

The truth shall set you free. To see the Kingdom of God come to earth as it is in heaven we need to see God's anointed leaders empowered. God is not a man to give responsibility without authority. God has given you natural authority, he has also released spiritual authority for you. Read this book and be set free to become all you were created to be, leaders with authority who will establish His kingdom. Brett has a deep understanding and revelation of who we are in Christ and how to walk in the fullness of our redeemed nature.

— Al Caperna Chairman, CMC Group

Some years ago I worked for 12 months in two poor townships in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and I saw the need for transformation of societies through all the different community spheres. After reading Brett’s book, Transforming Society, I can recommend this as one of the first books that effectively identifies and addresses the makeup of society and the role each of us can play in building God’s Kingdom though our spheres. Congratulations, Brett—what an amazing book!

— Gerhardt Jooste
General Manager: New Developments at iGrow Wealth Investments

Brett’s ability to be both practical and pursue the supernatural intervention of heaven are both evident in this book. None of us can be content with just attending church. Brett once again gives us tools to step outside the church and pursue a transformed society.

— Paul Manwaring
Member of Bethel Senior Leadership Team, serving Bethel and Global Legacy in Europe

Transforming Society takes the reader from the “doom-and-gloom” theology of the past, into the exciting world of Kingdom possibilities. Brett Johnson uses his insights as an accountant to add significant value to the current interest in the field of Faith, Work and Economics (FWE). His unique contribution is the way he helps his reader to gain insights into what a transformed economy should look like and in the process, he unpacks the biblical wisdom of concepts such as the value of labor, asset development, risk mitigation and capital transformation. But he does this in an imminently readable manner that brings the scriptures to life, even to those who have never read economics! With practical examples of actual experiences from all over the world, Brett provides a holistic blueprint that challenges the church to seriously rethink its core mandate of disciple-making. This is a book that should appear on all future FWE syllabi!

Johan Mostert, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Community Psychology Assemblies of God Theological Seminary & Director of Research and Development Assemblies of God Family Services Agency Springfield, Missouri

This book makes compelling reading. It is strategic, prophetic - and utterly relevant. It addresses the critical contemporary issues of our day head-on and does so in a positive and empowering way. It is also refreshing to find a healthy and balanced focus on transformation, wealth creation and restoration – skillfully stretching our understanding and application of the commissions of Christ as an ecclesiastic community at work. But then Brett’s approach is also strategic and practical. He delicately guides the reader through well-structured outlines, enabling us to be effective as well as relevant in these times. He does not ignore the past, but rather helps us grasp the present in the context of where we come from and where we are going. Brett furthermore provides the necessary tools and skills to make us the change agents Jesus has redeemed us to be.

However, this book is also prophetic. Brett takes us into the future with a clearer understanding of the Bible. He sees the purpose of humanity as clearing the congested wells of our society to release a fresh flow of life-giving water. He does not present us with a delineated, candy-coated or franchised (read ‘canned’) version of the Great Commission, but with a Christ-centered Gospel that reflects the heart of Jesus, To let Heaven be governed from Earth.

Well done, Brett. Your book should be on the reading list of all forward-thinking Christians.

— Dr. Johan Carstens
Founder and Director of I-Opus Institute for Missiological Research and Development, Johannesburg, South Africa; Author of “My Work My Worship” and “Out of Darkness into the Healing Light

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