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For Individuals

“LEMON Leadership helps me manage myself when I am under pressure and when there is conflict or miscommunication.”


Taken in conjunction with the book, the on-line LEMON Leadership Assessment will allow you to quickly determine your primary and secondary leadership types and begin confidently and effectively using the powerful LEMON Leadership frameworks in your daily work.



The LEMON Leadership Basics Seminar is an introduction to LEMON that lays the foundation for all future LEMON modules.



A refreshing one to two hour session designed to help you identify and appreciate the five types of leaders in your organization.

Leaders will develop an improved understanding of who they are, how they see things, why their work is indispensable to the team, and how to recognize the bright and bad side of all leaders.

 A taste of LEMON Leadership is a 1-2 hour speaking engagement conducted with your staff by one of our senior leaders at your convenience in your offices. The time will include a mixture of refreshing leadership teaching, lively discussion and personal application.

Periodically, A Taste of LEMON Leadership will be offered at our Mountain View headquarters or one of our satellite locations.