How can I be (& hire) a great employee?

business kingdom business repurposing people May 07, 2024

The CEO of a finance company asked, “Brett, do you have an assessment to figure out whether someone I am hiring is indeed a kingdom person?” This is an important topic particularly in a world where there is a lot of  “I want to make the world a better place” language spoken by those being interviewed.


By the same token, there is plenty of greenwashing as companies make their pitches about being the best place to work given their concern for the planet, their people, their communities and their favorite causes. How do you see through the eco-speak to find out whether the business is the real deal?


To make the world a better place you have to be a better person. You can’t change the world if you can’t change your underwear. To be a green/whatever company you must have a noble purpose, and any purpose short of giving God the ROI due to him is falling short.


There’s a lot to think through here and I have unpacked these topics in my book titled Repurposing People. May I recommend you check it.


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