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Business Continuation

Your threshing will continue until grape harvest and the grape harvest will continue until planting. Leviticus 26:5

Even business leaders whose companies are doing well wonder whether their current business performance can be sustained. What if Scripture showed a possible way to avoid business downturns? The first thirteen verses of Leviticus 26 hold the conditions and the promises of sustained business performance. Our challenge is that we read it and think it is Old Testament mumbo jumbo and therefore miss the truth.

The conditions don’t seem that onerous: No idols of any sort, observe the Sabbath, reverence the sanctuary, follow God’s decrees, and obey his commands. What does this look like if we put that into New Testament speak—make that 21st Century language? 

  • Idolatry for ancient Israel meant buying into the worldview and religious system that were not from God. In business, this means basing our business practices on assumptions that are not Biblical....
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Devotional: But in the future

but in the future Isaiah 9:1

I was reading Isaiah 9 and felt it had strong relevance to the challenge we see of getting people out of the common way of doing Christianity and into a kingdom walk. The big hurdle of “recruiting” people for this or that initiative has little to do with leave, time commitments, or finances; it has to do with the possible new future for people, and how our enemy is determined to help people avoid it. The two phrases that hit me from Isaiah 9:1 were “In the past…” and “but in the future.”

As we end another Venture season (which feels much like the Old Testament times when kings returned from war) I am so blessed that the future of many people has been radically changed by God’s interjection these past four or five months. The future of many consultants has been changed forever because of the training they received. They grew spiritually when they had to serve clients in a way that went beyond their skills...

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Business Midwife

My wife likes the TV series, Call the Midwife; it is a little too blood-and-gory for me, but, I must say, I feel like a midwife for businesses.

During my first visit to a chiropractor, he asked, at the end of the exam, "So, what do you do?" "Oh, I am a corporate chiropractor!" 

This led to a conversation about a key thing I do: coming alongside existing businesses and helping them align with truth, or at least with an amazing purpose. Some of the companies we work with describe themselves as faith-based, some as purpose-driven.

Being a chiropractor happens after a regular old business sees the light or, as one client put it, gets "born again." Just as Christian parents do not automatically give birth to Christian children, likewise Christian businesspeople do not inevitably have businesses that further the business of what some call "the kingdom of God." 

On a trip to Morocco, which is a kingdom, I realized how little Westerners know about living under the rules...

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