How can I lead from my identity?

business convergence kingdom business lemon leadership May 07, 2024

“I am a different person at work and at home.” I have heard this statement more than once and it leads to a life of tension, diffusion, and lack of fulfillment. The good news is that emerging generations are placing a premium on authenticity, and this requires that we be the same person in every situation. How can I lead from my identity? This begins with me knowing my identity, having a deep understanding of how I am wired, my strengths and weaknesses, and the particular contribution I can make to a team. But even if I have all of this, I can still be a failure in my leadership. Why?


If the way I build the operating model of my organization is inconsistent with the way that I'm wired then the organizational will not work optimally, or I will fail. There is a period of grace where a new leader and organization give each other the benefit of the doubt, but if the operating model of the organization and the wiring of the leadership are not aligned the grace runs out. There is pressure to shape a particular role according to industry standards and the normal work that goes along with a particular title. If you are promoted to be a “manager” then you should be doing manager things. But what if you are a Luminary or Networker: how then shall you manage?


A friend who is a Luminary was promoted to Manager of his department (which was filled with Organizers who did not want to be managed.) He scrapped management meetings, which he was not good at, and gave the Organizer squad company credit cards to solve problems up to $2,500. Everyone was happy. Organizations will continue to have their roles and titles no matter your leadership type: this will not change. What you do have to do is (a) choose a job consistent with your calling (making your occupation your vocation), and (b) make sure that you lead consistent with your wiring.


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