Devotional: Delayed or immediate belief

belief brett johnson biz business devotional encouragement faith marketplace Dec 09, 2020

Zachariah said to the angel, “Do you expect me to believe this? I'm an old man and my wife is an old woman.”

And Mary said, “Yes, I see it all now; I'm the Lord's maid, ready to serve.”
Luke 1:5-38

Somewhere we have warmed to the notion that a skeptical response is a godly response. “Let me think it over... I am not sure I get it... could this be God?”, or the old favorite, “I'll pray about it.” In Luke chapter 1, we have two different responses to God. Zachariah wasn't about to have the wool pulled over his eyes, and so Gabriel had to clear the fog. “I am Gabriel, the sentinel of God, sent especially to bring you this glad news. But because you won't believe me...”  Said another way, 'Hey, Zach, this is Big Gabe who's talking to you... a real, live angel.  Listen up!' 

Mary's response was different.  “Yes... I am ready to serve.”

What was the difference between them? Zachariah had probably spent decades praying for just the thing the angel was promising, yet he faltered when the opportunity came. Mary probably wasn't even two decades old, yet she responded in faith.

She wasn't without questions, however. "But how?"  There is nothing wrong with an honest inquiry. But once she had the answer, she was resolute.  Don't let intellectual arrogance stifle swift obedience.


    • Are there things in your life where God has been clearly speaking, and yet you feel you should do your “due diligence” and “prudently delay” in responding to God?