Some People Get It

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Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” Luke 9: 59-60

The wave of business people owning their slice of societal transformation is picking up, and this encourages me. Every now and then I am reminded, however, that not everyone gets it. This will always be the case in some area or another as God moves on just enough ahead of us to keep us traipsing after him. There are those of us who, even though we know the slowness of the human heart, still want everyone on board before we will move. Until the last person is committed (which probably will mean forming a committee) we will not join the kingdom adventure. This is the curse of the lowest common denominator.

The sad fact is that many business people are still in the old modus operandi. They don’t understand the integration of work and faith, life and Jesus. They struggle with the difference between church and kingdom. Jesus has some advice: “Let the dead bury their own dead.” In order to keep momentum (and remain a follower), we must be asking God for the eyes to recognize and connect with men and women who are ready for something new. They do not have to be Christ-followers yet; they do not need to be ‘seasoned believers’ (which sounds like something ready to be cooked). They will be people ready for something authentic. 

If we are to find it we must read on to discover our part: “…but you go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” This may have nothing to do with inviting someone to church. It may not be sharing an evangelistic recipe. It may involve spotting a need and praying, asking for a miracle, and acting. It may involve doing business in a way that is totally opposite to best practices, and illogical to human thinking. 

How will your business practices, your products, your customer service, your coffee conversations, your trade terms, your hiring, your giving, your interactions with your kids and spouse… how will they proclaim the kingdom of God? 


  • How will you proclaim the kingdom of God this week through your whole life?

  • Are there areas where you are held back by beautifying the dead (whatever that might mean for you personally or in your corporation), rather than dashing along with the living?