Trust and do good

brettjohnsonbiz encouragement marketplace reflections May 12, 2021

Trust in the Lord and do good. Psalm 37:3

Trust and do. This is an interesting concept. Somehow we have the idea that trusting God and doing good are mutually exclusive. There is a notion held by some that inaction is more spiritual than action.  

Take a few minutes and read through Psalm 37. There are the juicy bits, of course, such as “…and he will give you the desires of your heart.” I like that. When I read the whole song, I find an almost even mix of things that tend towards rest and action. If I miss the AND, I miss the whole thing.

For example:

Active resting

Active doing


Give generously

Commit your way

Lend freely

Delight yourself

Turn from evil

Be still

Practice justice

Do not fret

Be righteous

Hope in the Lord

Speak wisdom & justice

Be meek

Keep God’s law

Be content with little

Be blameless; don’t take matters into your own hands

Wait for the Lord

Be a peacemaker; don’t be angry

Are you a waiter, or a doer? Let’s make sure that we do not over-spiritualize the waiting, because we discover as we do. We get the next instruction as we go. Progressive revelation comes as we take the first steps.

 Tucked away in this psalm is Psalm 37:37, which gives us a sneak preview of a strategy of Jesus that is rocking the world again today. Watch the blameless and observe the upright, for the man of peace will have a future. The “man of peace” is not someone who stays behind his picket fence and avoids conflict. The person of peace is the woman or man who takes a chance, invites truth speakers into the household, makes a commitment to obedience that often outstrips head knowledge, and facilitates a process of that household coming to Jesus. What is your household? Do you want a future? Are you too being a person of peace?


  • Are you an either/or person when it comes to trusting and doing, or an and person?

  • What are the “and” opportunities that God has given to you? (Yes, it will require a miracle for you to be an and person.)