How can I live on purpose?

business convergence kingdom business rep repurposing business May 07, 2024

In 2000 when I published a book called Convergence: Integrating Your Calling, Career, Community and Creativity, some readers had an interesting response. “I would do it if I knew what my calling was." I used to spend hours discussing their history, passions, hopes and special instructions they thought they had about life. I asked, "What makes you mad, what makes you sad, what makes you glad, what makes you rad?" 

Ocassionally I even talked with people knew what to do but didn't want to do it, so they claimed “I don’t know my purpose.”

Perhaps I have grown impatient with these conversations because nowadays I say, “I can tell you your calling in a sentence: You are called to work.” We are designed to work for God and with God even though his name is not on the paycheck. 100% of us are called to work. Since work is worship and business is ministry and we are called to work, statistically most of us are called to business. It is in the marketplace that life-purpose grows legs.


We have mistakenly placed Calling and Purpose in the same category as leisure, self-care and bucket lists. Decades are therefore wasted as millions hope to live their purpose once they retire or after their kids leave home. (By then you have lots of wisdom, maybe a good retirement package, but the energy of a sloth.)


In Convergence, we explore personal purpose and calling lived out through integration. In a business (which also should have a calling) we explore how to get your business into God’s business... repurposing your business. Then we try to help you figure out how to align the entire organization behind its right purpose. Living on Purpose is not having a "vision, mission" or even "purpose statement": it means, having drafted a purpose statement, doing the hard yards to work that into every cell of the organization.


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