Introductory Class

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Who is this course for?

Marketplace People

You might be a CEO, COO, CFO or anyone looking to discover the intrinsic connection between your labour and God's work in the marketplace. You might work in a corporate or run your own business.

Looking For Purpose

You are among the millions seeking motivation, greater purpose and meaning in the workplace. You are tired of window-dressing and green-washing: you want the real deal.

With the Right Mindset

Followers who are wrestling with how to integrate their faith with their work in meaningful and practical ways... and when we say practical, we mean online assessments, scorecards and toolkits: real stuff, where the rubber meets the road.


Doing Work as Worship 

Leaders looking to break down the false barriers between the "secular" and the "sacred" thus making 100% of your work count for eternity. You know "work is worship" and "business is ministry" and this Class gives the How To... getting beyond the aspirations and cutting through the verbal fog.

Join the 2000+ professionals who have completed this training!

Step 1: rēp 100 - Keys to Kingdom Business

A foundation laying, fast-paced course that traces God's design for, integral involvement in, and current plans for business. 

Your first step on the rēp journey is the Keys to Kingdom Business class. 4 main topics covered:

History of God and Business: The blending of Business and Missions is not a new concept. It has a rich history dating back throughout the centuries.

Business is Ministry: Work is good, business is good, and God wants His church to be everywhere, including in businesses.

Repurposing Business: God repurposes individuals and businesses.

The Other 90%: God wants to reconcile businesses into himself.

By the end of this class you will have a good understanding of God's interest in, and plans for, work and business, from the Garden of Eden, until today.

Please note that rēp 100 is a pre-requisite to the core training.

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Step 2: Core Repurposing Business (rēp) Training

 100+ hours of teaching time, proprietary business assessments and tools, applied learning assignments, plus an extensive reading list. 

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International Markets, USA, EU (Developed Nations)

$300 per module
$1250 once off (includes all 5 modules)

Developing Markets (Emerging Markets, Majority World)

$150 per module
$625 once off (includes all 5 modules)

Core rēp training consists of 5 modules


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