How do I reset my foundations and have a fresh start?

business kingdom business restart May 07, 2024

I talked to business owners from around the world since April 2020, and many saw the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to rethink their business. Most were considering service, not just survival. How could they better meet people’s needs? Could they get rid of unprofitable products? Should they go virtual and have a greater reach? Are there opportunities closer to home? How can supply chains be reworked for good? Do they need an office at all? How can they serve their local communities better?


I also gathered leaders (via Zoom, of course) from many nations to brainstorm new opportunities and we created a huge Mind Map of possibilities. This was coupled with several weeks of daily live streaming with business leaders from around the globe looking at what you might call “eternal principles” or “ancient truths” regarding restarts. We are not the first to encounter plagues and crises; I gleaned 50 restart principles from the ancient account of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt. 


The Covid pandemic may be over but it will not be the last crisis. Often what happens in the world is a parallel or counterfeit of what is happening in the spiritual realm. People who are desiring God often live in a counterpart world called “the Kingdom of God.” The WEF is not wrong when they say the world is broken, but their solutions are not from heaven. Don’t let the global elites be the only ones to reap benefits from current opportunities to shift the house onto a new foundation. At this transitional time in history, we have had a “press pause” on business-as-usual thereby giving us time to reflect on whether we want future business to look like old business. My gut feeling is that the stream of crises over the last few years has been enough to lull people into resignation, but there has not been enough activation to stir them to a fresh future. If we don't have our own plan we will accept someone else's plan.


I therefore believe there is value in deliberately activating things we know to be true but which might be lying dormant. (During a crisis dormant seed might sprout, but the seeds may also rot.) We need space to talk through these things and ensure we emerge on the right side of the Red Sea in this continuing transitional era in history.


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