Myth #2: Any Cause Will Do

causeism convergence millennials Feb 28, 2020

I love the fact that young people want to change the world. (This has been the case for generations; Millennials actually believe they can do it, however. This is true, thanks in part, to the tools that previous generations built for them... like the internet, web browsers and mobile devices. But I digress.) The downside of this world-changing-enthusiasm is that it often comes mixed with a tolerance, inclusion and muddiness around truth that fosters Myth#2: 

Myth #2
As long as I have a good cause, I’m good

This can lead us to be crystal clear on how to save the whales, the planet, the spotted owl... but clueless when it comes to "saving our souls."  We should save the whatever, but we should 100% make sure we are saved as well.