Tents of Trauma, Tents of Transformation

blog brettjohnsonbiz encouragement wisdom Feb 05, 2021

The speed at which momentous things are happening in the nations and in the Church is astounding. Some of the change is traumatic, and some of it is terrific. Miracles are needed at national and international levels… and miracles are happening. I have to choose how I see what I see. I cannot ignore the fact that political leaders of all tents are making decisions counter to the Word of God. I am also seeing God do amazing things in “simple” ways. During 2020 we saw the traumatic tents of field hospitals and even temporary morgues. Today, revival tents are popping up all over the USA from Florida to California. 

On the one hand we see political leaders wielding power and at the stroke of a pen foundational changes appear to be made. On the other hand we are seeing old fashioned evangelists pitching tents, literally and figuratively, hammering pegs of truth into grounds of adversity, breaking the soil. Thousands are finding peace with God through Jesus Christ. People are being healed of diseases, dealing with their past, settling their eternal destiny. I am reminded of a verse in Jeremiah. 

“Shepherds with their flocks will come against her;
they will pitch their tents around her, each tending his own portion.”

I am struck by the contrast of man’s ways and God’s ways: politicians wield power in the capitals of nations. In the towns and villages people are realizing their salvation will not come from national leaders, and people are turning to God. Many countries are looking at a second wave of the Coronavirus… others are looking for a wave of revival, “the 3rd Great Awakening.” The world needs an antidote against a physical virus that ravages the body, and we need an antidote against the untruths that have slowly boiled our souls. 

Yesterday as I spoke with someone in a very difficult work situation I was prompted to pray an audacious prayer; they needed a miracle so I prayed for one. Afterwards a statement I have quoted often since the early 2000s came to mind: “Everyone wants a miracle, but nobody wants to be in a place where they need a miracle.” I woke this morning thinking our nation needs a miracle; I don’t like to be in this place and have to choose my positioning.

I am a proponent of societal transformation because we have a mandate that has not been revoked: “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” I believe nations can change: salvation can lead to revival, revival can lead to reformation, reformation can lead to transformation. People, households, businesses, communities, cities and nations can see eternal truths made evident in their proverbial and physical streets. As we tick off the months of 2021 we have to choose whether we will live in the tents of trauma or the tents of transformation. Making the world a better place by discipling people groups and more does not happen automatically. Let the trauma in the world propel you into the tent of meeting where you present your appeal to heaven; don’t let it send you to the basement of despair where hope is lost, purpose drained. Choose your proverbial tent. For me, I am choosing the Tent of Transformation.