What is a Kingdom Business?

business kingdom business rep repurposing business May 07, 2024

The label “Kingdom Business” is now so accepted in the marketplace that it has become a category in itself. Those who call themselves people of faith and who are in business and who want to do something meaningful in their work conclude that they have a “Kingdom business.” Being a Christian who is in business does not automatically mean that your business is a Kingdom business. You can be a genuine, ethical, wonderful follower of Jesus without knowing how God develops products, what the connection is between the presence of God and your marketing, and how your economic model is positioned to succeed in the Promised Land without using systems carried forward from Egypt.


It is quite hard to create a short list of characteristics of a Kingdom Business, but here are a few suggestions to prime the pump:

  • Wants God's approval over man's applause
  • Measures profit differently: it has a scorecard with Key Performance Indicators for the reality of today and simultaneously for eternity
  • Creates a culture of generosity which results in giving in a diversity of forms
  • Defeats societal ills rather than ignores them
  • Serves their household and, with them, the world roundabout (versus their own ambitions)
  • Gets into God's business and doesn't just try to get God into their business.


In my dealings with hundreds of companies around the world and conversations with many more businesspeople, I find that people are aligned to the notion of God and business but have seldom driven it down into the practical nitty gritty. We therefore developed a Kingdom business assessment to help business leaders uncover new possibilities for collaborating with God in their workplace. (Message me and I will send you a link to the assessment.)


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