rēp 100: Keys to Kingdom Business

Lay a foundation for discovering your work as worship, your career as a calling, and your business as ministry. Sign up today to begin with your journey towards business as God has designed it. 

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Each Of Us Was Purposed To Make A Difference

For three decades we have had the delight of working with marketplace people who have discovered that business is a calling.

Even more today than ever before people are looking for work that has meaning and are no longer content just to go to a job and pick up a pay check, they want to do work that will impact the world. 

We've developed the rēp business training program that gives people the skills and tools they need to go into the nations and impact society positively.

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Are You Curious About How God And Business Connect?

rēp 100: Keys to Kingdom Business is a fast-paced, five session course that traces God's design for, integral involvement in and current plans for business. It explores the connection between your work and God's work from the beginning of time through today. It will lay a foundation for discovering your work as worship, your career as a calling, and your business as ministry. You will feel good about your work as you get the connection between your labor and God's work. Barriers between the so-called "secular" and "sacred" will begin to crumble.

Who Is This Course Is For?

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Anyone Who Works

Those looking to discover the intrinsic connection between your labour and God's work in the marketplace. 

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Looking For Purpose

People who are seeking motivation, greater purpose and meaning in the workplace. 

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Kingdom Mindset 

Christians who are wrestling with how to integrate their faith with their work in meaningful and practical ways.

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Marketplace Ministry

Leaders looking to break down the barriers between the secular and the sacred for dynamic Kingdom impact. 

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Four Main Topics Covered:

Kingdom Business Basics

FREE access to 15 basic principles that should be "self-evident" when building a Kingdom Business

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William Coraizin

"This course brought business and the church together like nothing I've ever studied before. I am business trained and have a Masters in Theology, but this training placed my ministerial perceptions and understanding on another level."

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Marietjie Fouche

"Every business, no matter how big or small can have a great impact on the world around it by going through this training and applying these principles to ultimately heal the world and make it a better place to live in and work in for us all."

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Francois Malan

"The rēp course definitely changed my life and the way that I see business. I think every business person must go through this course. The more business people that can do this, the bigger difference business can make in the world."