Introductory Class

rēp Fellows

During our core rēp training, rēp Fellows join our LIVE sessions to share their experience of applying rēp principles. As rēp alumni, they bring the teaching to life and help to make sense of its application. For many of our trainees this has become a firm favourite element of the course. 

Allan Pike

André Baard

André Holtshausen

Andrew Hoole

Angel Huang

Ben Patterson

Brandt Coetzee

Cobus Visage

Dena Andrews Hafenrichter

Doug Johnson

Evan Kubicek

Feyi Olubodun

Francois Steyn

Grant Baker

Jeff Samuelson

Jodene Saavedra

Joe Awender

John Manwell

Kim Wilson

Manuel Uhm

Natchi Lazarus

Ron Holt

Solomon Ikhioda

Suparno Adijanto

Susan Gibson

Tim Dang

Dr Annie Pham

Tim Greenway

Wayne Cerullo

Willem Joubert