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Our Next Executive Intensive

Our next Intensive is in August, 2024.

Starts Sunday evening, August 18th, and runs through Saturday brunch on August 24th.

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Repurposing Business Executive Intensive

For years executives have requested an accelerated version of the foundational principles, wisdom, tools, resources and authentic community found in the well-proven rēp training. The rēp Executive Intensive answers this call with an accelerated and powerful one-week residential "Executive Summary" of our Repurposing Business Training. A growing band of businesspeople worldwide have already been equipped to transform society through business; this is your opportunity to join them.


How the Repurposing Business Intensive can increase your impact

Greatest impact can be achieved when all driving factors in your business are aligned and firing on all cylinders. The Repurposing Business Intensive begins by focusing on your business purpose. Clearly articulating the Company purpose and direction is essential. From there, other drivers of business impact will be identified and systematically aligned to your purpose. You will gain the knowledge, tools and resources to align every aspect of your business with your purpose. You will leave refreshed, challenged, encouraged and equipped to pursue your business purpose and expand your sphere of influence.

The first Intensive was held in Saratoga, California in 2012. Participants came from Bali, New York City, Cairo, London and California.

The second Intensive: also held in Saratoga, California in 2013. Participants came from Washington State, Tennessee, Toronto Canada, Cairo, Nigeria and California.

The third Intensive: Saratoga, CA, 2014. Execs came from Oregon state, Chicago, Taiwan and California.

The fourth Intensive was held in Portland, Oregon. Participants were from the USA and India.

Some of the participants from the 5th Intensive, held in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. 2016. Participants came from South Africa and Nigeria.

The March 2017 Intensive was held in Paarl, South Africa. Participants came from South Africa and the USA. It was the sixth Intensive.

Participants from one company made up the seventh Intensive in July 2017 in Cape Town.

The March 2019 participants in Melkbosstrand, Cape Town. They came from California, London, Harare, Johannesburg, Paarl, Clarens, China and Cape Town.

October 2019: participants from Madagascar, Nigeria, South Africa and the UK.

March 2020, Cape Town. Participants from Egypt, Madagascar, California, Texas, Nigeria





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