How can I be a successful entrepreneur?

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To be a successful entrepreneur we should probably understand why businesses fail. We all know the statistics about how four out of five businesses fail in the first five years: is this acceptable, or should we be outraged about this?


Imagine you had five children and I told you, “Not to worry… one of the five will be successful!” I think you would Take Me Out the back and shoot me. But we have glibly accepted the notion that people whose work is worship are failing at a very high rate. We tend to blame the wrong culprit. We put it down to the product not being good enough, or the market not being ready, or a failure to specify a target audience, or a lack of capital. All of these can be true, but the more likely scenario is a failure of leadership. By this I don't mean a failure of an individual leader but the failure to put a cohesive leadership team together that adequately represents all five types of leaders. If I ask you where the leaders had blind spots you would agree (unless you have a blind spot in this area) So why do we think that the trifecta of a CEO, CPO and CMO can get the job done?


One of the reasons that we have accepted the idea of having a chief executive officer, lead product person and a marketing person as being adequate is because we still buy into the notion that there are only two types of leaders. In my work, I have found that there are actually five types of leaders, namely, luminaries, entrepreneurs, managers, organizers and networkers. (Hence LEMON Leadership.) Each sees the business differently has a particular penchant when building it, approaches the world of capital differently and is prone to a different type of self-destruction. We can get all the technicalities of entrepreneurship right but if we miss the Who of entrepreneurship we will still get it wrong.


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