How do I use my work to transform society?

business kingdom business transforming society May 07, 2024

When I grew up I had a sneaking suspicion work was punishment for my sin: the worse my behavior the more jobs were dished out to me. Bad preaching also gave the impression that work was a consequence of sin and, if Adam and Eve had not blown it, life would have been one large (naked) leisure resort. Boy was I wrong! I have since learned how much good work and industry was packed into the first two books of the Bible before humans missed the mark.


If you have read the 15 “self-evident” truths on our website (if not, download the PDF or watch the video - ) you will know work is good, work is worship, business is ministry, we are called to work, and the majority of people are not called to be behind a pulpit. We need to know these basic “brushing and flossing” truths before we delve into our question since work on steroids comes after we accept the Divine invitation into a collaboration for the good of the world.


When the assets in our hands and the why in our hearts combine with the ways of God we begin using our work to transform society. When we find the intersection between our business or work gifts and the things God cares about we explore working where he is working. When we use our enlightened minds to imagine what our industry, our community and our country would look like if restored to their intended design and make baby-step-plans to move in that direction we will see society start to improve. When we identify the giants—the big social ills—that plague our society and ask, “Could I design a product to take down that giant?” or “Could I start a business that unravels a bad system?” or “Could I take what works in my nation and spread it to another nation where they don’t yet have what I offer?” – then we are asking the right questions that nudge us in the direction of impacting society.


There’s more, of course, so we encourage people asking 'How do I use my work to transform society?' to get in a cohort and go on a learning journey together: if you want to kill giants hang out with giant killers.


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