Is It Safe To Separate Truth And Love?

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The notion of separating truth and love has perhaps been around for centuries but is a hot issue today since many believe “their own truth” is more important than objective truth. Some argue that truth is more important than love, while others argue that love is more important than truth. However, separating truth and love is a mistake that can have devastating consequences. As God is love and Jesus said “I am the Truth” it is important to understand the significance of not disconnecting truth and love.

First, when it comes to communication, truth and love go hand in hand. When truth is spoken without love it often hurts; when love is expressed without truth it seems hollow. Yet love and truth are two sides of the same coin. It is challenging but essential to have love and truth fully integrated.

Second, God is love. If one believes that God is love, it is important to integrate that love into every aspect of our lives, including truth-telling. When one speaks the truth with love, one is reflecting God's nature. Separating truth and love distorts the idea of divinity and separates us from God's true essence. Therefore, to realize God's love, one must integrate truth and love into our lives.

Third, Max de Pree said, “The first job of a leader is to define reality.” Suspending truth in the name of love makes this leadership task impossible. In today's world reality is often discounted as in light of personal truths or subjective realities. Going along with this may keep the peace temporarily but a monster will be birthed in the basement that will take over the whole house. Separating truth and love is not conducive to flourishing relationships or organizations. Intertwining truth and love is the key to effective leadership, communication and healthy relationships.

In conclusion, separating truth and love is a leadership failure that leads to negative consequences in our own lives and in the organizations we steward. God is love, and it is vital to reflect that love in every aspect of our lives. Likewise, in the person of Jesus he is the Truth... not just a truth. When we integrate truth and love in our communication, relationships, and spirituality—whether we mention the Name of God or not— we are reflecting God's love, which fosters stronger, healthier relationships with ourselves and others, and thereby stronger organizations. By avoiding the false dichotomy between truth and love we can grow in compassion, wisdom, and virtue while avoiding societal drift and delusion.