Stupid money

business capital eternity marketplace money stewardship May 24, 2021
stupid money

I lived in Silicon Valley for over 30 years and often heard the phrase “smart money” which meant funding that came from investors who added value beyond just capital. Smart money brings know-how, industry experience and networks that are often more valuable than just cash. 

Scripture alludes to “stupid money” in Psalm 40 which ends with this phrase:

“Rich people with no understanding are just like animals that die.”

Living a life without purpose is terrible; dying rich and leaving this life without having figured out the meaning of money is… well, no different than living and exiting the planet like an animal.

Stupid money has not found its purpose. Stupid money meets the needs of this life but does nothing for the rest of one’s life in eternity. Stupid money focuses on consumption, not multiplication through others.

If smart money has discovered its purpose, what are some of the broad purposes of money? The usual answers include being a medium of exchange, a store of wealth and being “blessed to be a blessing.” In addition to these more obvious things I have found that higher purposes of money include:

  • Funding your calling: one thing to consider is the calling you have and the capital it would take to fund the mandate God has given you or your organization.
  • Caring for your household: part of the tithing in Leviticus was directed to households feasting and celebrating annually.
  • Giving Jesus a Return on Investment (ROI): none of us can really fathom the real cost of Jesus’ investment in us.
  • Transforming society: God told Abraham that he would be blessed to be a blessing to all nations. History has shown the power of capital when focused on seeding change-initiatives, crafting policy, changing systems, and transforming society.

The late Bob Buford said, “I want my last check to bounce.” While scripture speaks of leaving an inheritance (and this is wider than finances) you have to admire Bob’s heart to be seriously generous in his lifetime. Smart money always has one eye on eternity while being realistic about the stewardship of capital here on earth. Smart money is at work when capital meets eternity.