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Devotional: Calm, cool and collected

Be careful, be calm, and don’t be afraid. Isaiah 7:4

King Ahaz had reason to be concerned.  Three armies were colluding against him.  It seemed that the fall of his city was inevitable.  Scripture says that he and his companion’s hearts were melting within them.  God sent the prophet Isaiah to meet him and explain that the three armies would not prevail.  Then he gave this command:  “Be careful, be calm, and don’t be afraid.”

When we are “out doing something for God” we are focused; we are desperate for God to do transformative things. But once a particular mission is completed, it is easy to let one’s guard down thinking the battle is over. Problems we have held at bay for weeks now stare us in the face. This is no less true for me than for you.  So after a recent Venture this same word was spoken to me. “Be careful, be calm, and don‘t be afraid.” I wondered why the prophet started...

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Myth #12: Convergence Is Balance

Many people have asked, "How can I get more balance in my life?"

This is the wrong question, and God is not obliged to answer bad questions. Convergence is not about balancing different parts of life. It is about submitting all to God and integrating.

Why might the balance question be the wrong question?

  • Keeps us in control
  • Keeps everything in play
  • Doesn’t allow the Holy Spirit to redirect – planned in advance
  • Allocation – stressed out all the time with everything equal
  • Too busy to hear God
  • The harder we try, the less balanced we are
  • Removes humility

Integration is not easy, but it is rewarding. It carries an authenticity that is rare, a peace that is palpable, a centeredness that calms. 

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