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Parties, personalities, platforms: the voting trilemma

News channels, podcasts, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Insta, texts… we are being bombarded with so much (dis+mis)information that it is hard to discern truth. Beyond the politicians running for office there are professors, doctors and an array of experts with differing opinions. To make matters more confusing, respected Christian leaders say “I could never vote for him,” or “don’t ever vote for her.” To add a little spice, they say your vote will be remembered (against you if you disagree with them) for eternity. Tough talk.

This morning, a week away from election day in the USA in 2020, I came in my daily bible reading in 1st Timothy. This was written about 2,000 years ago yet is quite effective in blowing away the verbal fog and helping me see the issues. It will become clear that I am not a political expert, as you read on, but I do have a determination to get to clarity, where I can. Before I get to the Paul/Timothy...

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