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What You Think About At Night

I think of you through the watches of the night. Psalm 63:6

Has it ever struck you that what we think about at night is an indicator of who we are? Somehow the night has a knack of stripping away bravado, tearing the pajamas off false confidences. It leaves our minds naked and, when our clever defenses are asleep, our true thoughts emerge. When we let the sun go down on our unresolved items, they become poking sticks in the hands of the night watchmen. That’s the bad news. 

The good news is this: God is not sleeping while we sleep. He is active on our behalf, and sometimes he is active in our minds, our spirits, and our hearts even as we sleep. He gives us dreams that speak warning or encouragement to us. He uses the symbolism of things to steel us against danger, distractions, or discouragement.

God also inhabits our waking moments with solutions to problems. I used to wake up and go from 0 to 60 mph in a few seconds; now I try to lie in bed a few extra moments,...

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